Attack from within: Have radical extremists already taken residence in America?

Obama vs America

One of the most controversial and hotly debated issues facing our nation is the influx of illegal immigrants. Now, the fact that they were invited by our traitorous administration notwithstanding, these newly planted immigrants are a potential recipe for trouble. Even FBI Director, James Comey, told Congress that the federal government cannot conduct thorough checks on all of the “refugees” that Obama plans to accept. In parts of Europe, about 7 refugees out of every 10 are fighting-age men without families. These men are there, in my opinion, for a much more nefarious purpose; a purpose that has likely already made its way to the USA.

When an administration, any administration, skirts the rule of law and disregards human life and human suffering, two things happen, in my opinion. First, the rot begins as those in power continue to engage in murder, rape, human-trafficking, and the theft of your future, and that of your posterity. In all, and I mean all, cases there comes an eventual collapse as this scenario plays out to an end-game. Second, we make mortal enemies worldwide, as we have with this administration.

As reported at the time, our “war on terror” was responsible for numerous civilian casualties abroad. The numbers vary, but certainly the innocent lives lost reach well into the tens of thousands. One of the most devastating methods used by our government to kill terrorists was via a drone strike. As drones do keep soldiers from engaging directly, therefore saving American lives, their accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. One analysis, posted by The Guardian, claims that 41 men were targeted, but 1,147 were killed. The incompetence is staggering. More to my point, how many of the male relatives of these wrongly slain men and women would relish the chance to infiltrate America and exact revenge on the nation that all but wiped them out? I submit to you that many would, and that some are already here. The next attack on America will occur from within, and our attackers may already be in place waiting on “the call” to begin their assault. I know I would if I were them.