Police are now “stealing” your stuff to protect you from theft


The New Haven police department recently announced its intention to start stealing things from unsuspecting residents who leave their car doors unlocked, to “deter theft.”

According to Lt. Herbert Sharp of the NHPD, police are now taking private property from unlocked cars and bringing it to the station. He assures residents, however, that the police’s intentions are 100 percent legal and noble.

“When it comes to a car, if there is something in plain view that is of value, and the car is unlocked, law enforcement can go into the car and retrieve that item and take it into the property (room) and place it where it is safe,” said Sharp.

“The bad guy is not going to break into the car and be able to take that item. It inconveniences the person to come down and pick up the property,” he said.

Sharp considers this inconvenience the police department’s way of showing “tough love” to New Haven residents, thereby teaching them, hopefully, to take better care of their belongings.

“Not to sound harsh, but if you are a dumb (person) … and leave your computer in the car, you deserve to have it stolen. Don’t you guys have more important things to do?” a rational resident asked Sharp during a town meeting.

Despite the lack of evidence proving, or at least supporting, Sharp’s claims, the program has already begun, much to the dismay of several residents.

Blacklisted News, in acknowledging the possible dangers of the program, poses the following questions: “What if an officer opens a door and smells a little marijuana? What do you think they would do then, shut the door and move on? What if the person has an expired inspection sticker? What if the person has bumper stickers that disagree with the officer’s personal beliefs?”

Are the police really concerned about your safety, or are they just using this program to catch you without proper warrants, in order to make money?

The what-if scenarios are endless. And unless and until someone’s constitutional rights get seriously violated by this new program, there’s no stopping the New Haven police force and their “noble” intentions.